Muslim Pro MOD APK Download v15.7.1 (Premium Unlocked)

In the present quick moving world, keeping an otherworldly association can challenge. With the approach of innovation, strict applications have become important apparatuses for some. One such application that has acquired tremendous prevalence is the Muslim Pro APK. This application is intended to help Muslims overall in their day to day strict works on, providing exact petitioning heaven times, Quranic sections, and substantially more. We should plunge into the subtleties of Muslim Pro APK and investigate why it’s an unquestionable requirement for each Muslim.

Muslim Pro MOD APK

NameMuslim Pro
Last Updated08 July 2024
Google Play
DeveloperBitsmedia Pte Ltd.
RequiresAndroid 5.1
Size60 MB
MOD Features
  • Premium Unlocked

  • Premium Features Unlocked

    What is Muslim Pro APK?

    Muslim Pro APK is a complete strict application custom fitted for the Muslim people group. It offers different highlights, including precise petitioning God times, the full Quran with sound recitations, a Qibla compass, an Islamic schedule, and local area highlights. Accessible on both Android and iOS stages, Muslim Pro guarantees that clients approach fundamental strict instruments any place they go.

    Why Utilize Muslim Pro APK?

    The advantages of utilizing Muslim Pro APK are various. First of all, it provides precise petitioning God times in view of your area, guaranteeing you never miss a request. Moreover, it offers the total Quran with interpretations and sound recitations, making it simpler to peruse and comprehend. The Qibla compass assists you with finding the heading of Mecca regardless of where you are, and the Islamic schedule keeps you educated regarding significant dates and occasions. Besides, the application cultivates a feeling of local area by permitting clients to share petitions and encounters.

    Key Elements of Muslim Pro APK

    Petitioning God Times
    Muslim Pro APK provides exact petitioning heaven times in view of your topographical area. It utilizes information from dependable sources to compute the times for Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha supplications. You can likewise set suggestions to guarantee you never miss a request.

    Quran with Sound Recitations
    The application incorporates the full Quran, accessible in various dialects with interpretations. You can pay attention to lovely sound recitations by famous Qaris, upgrading your recitation experience.

    Qibla Compass
    The underlying Qibla compass assists you with finding the heading of Mecca without any problem. It utilizes your telephone’s GPS to accurately provide exact headings, simplifying it to perform supplications.

    Islamic Schedule
    Remain refreshed with the Islamic schedule, which incorporates significant dates like Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha. You can likewise set updates for these occasions to as needs be plan.

    Local area Elements
    Muslim Pro APK permits you to associate with different clients, share supplications, and take part in conversations. This cultivates a feeling of local area and having a place among clients.

    Step by step instructions to Download and Introduce Muslim Pro APK

    For Android

  • Visit the Google Play Store.
  • Look for “Muslim Pro.”
  • Click on the application and select “Introduce.”
  • Once introduced, open the application and adhere to the on-screen directions to set up your profile.
  • For iOS

  • Go to the Apple Application Store.
  • Look for “Muslim Pro.”
  • Tap “Get” and afterward “Introduce.”
  • After establishment, open the application and complete the arrangement process.
  • Setting Up Muslim Pro APK
    The underlying arrangement process is direct. After opening the application, you’ll be prompted to permit area admittance to decide precise petitioning God times. You can alter the application’s settings as indicated by your inclinations, for example, picking the estimation strategy for petitioning God times, choosing the Quranic recitation voice, and setting updates for supplications and occasions.

    Involving Muslim Pro APK for Day to day Petitions
    Muslim Pro APK makes it simple to get to exact petitioning God times and set updates. The application sends warnings for every request, guaranteeing you keep focused. You can likewise see petitioning heaven times all day long and plan your timetable appropriately.

    Investigating the Quran Segment

    The Quran segment of Muslim Pro APK is exceptionally intelligent. You can peruse the Quran in Arabic, track with interpretations, and pay attention to sound recitations. The application additionally permits you to bookmark refrains, making it more straightforward to get back to your number one sections.

    Utilizing the Qibla Compass
    Finding the Qibla bearing has never been more straightforward. Essentially open the Qibla compass include, and the application will utilize your telephone’s GPS to show the heading of Mecca. This guarantees that you generally face the correct course during petitions.

    Using the Islamic Schedule
    The Islamic schedule in Muslim Pro APK keeps you educated regarding immensely significant dates and occasions. You can set updates for these occasions, guaranteeing you never miss a significant event. The schedule likewise assists you with arranging your exercises around huge Islamic dates.

    Muslim Pro MOD APK

    Local area and Social Highlights

    One of the champion highlights of Muslim Pro APK is its local area perspective. You can associate with different clients, share your requests, and partake in conversations. This makes a feeling of having a place and permits you to draw in with individual Muslims from around the world.

    Premium versus Free Variant
    Muslim Pro APK offers both free and premium variants. The free form incorporates fundamental elements, for example, petitioning heaven times, the Quran, and the Qibla compass. The exceptional form, in any case, provides extra advantages like high level Quranic highlights, more sound recitations, and a promotion free encounter. Moving up to premium backings the application’s turn of events and improves your general insight.

    Client Audits and Tributes
    Muslim Pro APK has gotten predominantly certain input from clients. Many value its precision, convenience, and exhaustive highlights. Nonetheless, a few clients generally dislike promotions in the free variant and periodic errors in petitioning heaven times. These worries are commonly tended to in refreshes, and the superior variant dispenses with promotions through and through.

    Investigating Normal Issues

    Settling Establishment Problems
    Assuming you experience issues while introducing Muslim Pro APK, guarantee that your gadget has sufficient extra room and a steady web association. Restarting your gadget and retrying the establishment can likewise help.

    Fixing Login Issues
    Assuming you experience login issues, make sure that your web association is steady and take a stab at resetting your secret phrase. In the event that the problem continues, reaching client care through the application can provide extra help.

    Muslim Pro MOD APK


    Muslim Pro APK is an important apparatus for Muslims trying to improve their strict practice. With its exact petitioning God times, exhaustive Quran highlights, and local area support, it offers all that you want in a solitary application. Whether you’re hoping to keep steady over petitioning God times, read the Quran, or interface with individual Muslims, Muslim Pro APK takes care of you. Download the application today and experience the advantages for yourself.


    Is Muslim Pro APK allowed to utilize?

    Indeed, Muslim Pro APK offers a free rendition with fundamental elements. There is likewise a superior rendition with extra advantages.

    How precise are the request times?

    The application utilizes solid information sources to provide exact petitioning God times in view of your area.

    Might I at any point utilize Muslim Pro APK disconnected?

    A few highlights, similar to the Quran and Qibla compass, can be utilized disconnected. Be that as it may, a web association is expected for updates and local area highlights.

    Is there a local area highlight in Muslim Pro APK?

    Indeed, the application permits you to associate with different clients, share petitions, and partake in conversations.

    How would I move up to the exceptional variant?

    You can move up to the top notch adaptation through the application’s settings or by visiting the application store.

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